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Who's Who


Ms C Hall

Deputy Headteacher

Miss A Foster


Mrs A Gray
Classroom Based Staff:
Year Class Teacher(s) Teaching Assistant(s) Additional Support



Miss E Finch

Miss J Marsden (EYFS PL)

Mrs K Pinner

Mrs D Graur

Mrs W Kheradia, Mrs S Reader, Miss Rée & Mrs Brotherhood
Year 1



Mrs K Coleman & Mrs J Emery

Miss L Thornewell (KS1 PL)

Mrs D Tallett

Mrs A Arcus

Miss L Sutton & Miss L Jaques

Mrs V Askew & Mrs M Hill

Year 2



Mr J Bloomer

Miss L McKenna

Mrs D Davies

Mrs C Thackeray

Mrs M Parry

Mrs B Kaur & Mrs F Khatun

Year 3



Miss E Kirkham

Miss R White (LKS2 PL)

Mrs H Starkey

Mrs A Ingram

Miss S Stevens

Mrs L Rand

Year 4



Miss A Limbada & Mrs A Aldridge

Miss M Patrick


Mrs S Wilkinson

Mrs R Overton


Year 5



Mrs M Casey (UKS2 PL)

Miss C Wright

Mrs L Hayes

Mrs J Ostrowski

Mr R Jenkins


Year 6



Miss K Hall

Mrs A Johnson & Mrs A Aubrey

Mrs Y Smith

Mrs K Johnson


* PL denotes Phase Leader

Additional Staff:
Teaching Administration & Finance
Additional Teacher Mrs C Rose School Business Manager Mrs S Moore
    Clerical Officer Mrs C Hollywood
    Clerical Officer Miss L Morson
    Receptionist Miss M Murray
    Librarian Mrs L Gambrill
Teaching Support Premises Staff
Family Learning Mentor Mrs L Malkin Caretaker Mr R Ford
Emotion Coach Mrs C-A Jackson Cleaner Mrs Y Austerberry
    Cleaner Mrs T Jeacock
    Cleaner Mrs M Parry
    Cleaner Mrs A Williamson
    Cleaner Mrs A Webb

Midday Supervisors:

Mrs L Atkins Mrs T Masters
Mrs L Duguid Mrs M Parry
Mrs T Fentham Mrs L Parsons (Senior KS2)
Mrs L Hayes Mrs A Webb
Miss T Houston Mrs A Wojcik
Mrs C-A Jackson  
Mrs T Jeacock (Senior KS1)  


Staff can be contacted via our school telephone no. 024 7636 4448 or via email to or by using the enquiry form here.

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  • Ofsted
  • Warwickshire County Council
  • WCC Safeguarding
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