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Online Safety

The Internet is a wonderful and diverse place, filled with incredible information and some fantastic educational resources. Despite this, for many people it can be a place of concern, particularly for those who feel they have little knowledge or understanding of it. We all worry about what could happen to our children online, how best to safeguard them against potential dangers and how to prepare them for an ever-changing world wide web.

Most children are able to use the Internet safety and in a responsible way. We must not forget that the Internet is a rich source for learning, education and enjoyment; as such, it is not something that we can simply ban our children from using.

At Goodyers End, we passionately believe that a consistent approach to online education is the way to build the next generation of resilient Internet users. A balance is needed between concerns for online safety and empowering children to explore and enjoy of this wonderfully rich resource underpinned by the security of knowing what to do if something does not feel right.


Online Safety Links for parents



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